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Women of Color
in Consulting (WoCo)

We are a diverse group of graduate students at the London School of Economics working together to bring visibility to a highly underrepresented group in consulting. Focusing on the importance of representation and intersectionality, WoCo aims to support professional women of color.

Our experiences include working on projects across multiple sectors, receiving outreach from industry and public groups, and providing unique support to an international community.


What we do

See something that interests you? Reach out to get involved!

Provide career support

We offer professional development workshops with career consultants and representatives from top companies who offer guidance and tips to our members.

Build networks

Join a growing network of bright and motivated women from all over the world. Based at the LSE, members can join in person on campus or virtually.

Create community

Everyone needs a sense of belonging. We bring people together to advocate for and support one another in the fight to gain racial and gender equity.

Want to get involved?

We always welcome self-identifying women of color to join the WoCo network, at the LSE campus or beyond. If you are interested in speaking at a meeting or having your company sponsor us, please feel free to contact us.

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